Last Friday – June 29, 2018

Eno Gallery
100 S Churton St, Hillsborough, NC 27278
(919) 883-1415

“Eno Gallery is a contemporary fine art gallery in the Triangle, located in the heart of the Hillsborough, NC historic district, offering work from artists of exceptional quality and dedication. We are honored to represent some of the most creative individuals from both the Triangle region and national communities. We represent exceptional contemporary artists for both first time buyers and discerning collectors.”

Hillsborough Arts Council
102 N Churton St, Hillsborough, NC 27278
(919) 643-2500
The Hillsborough Arts Council has been active in developing and supporting the arts locally for more than 30 years. In spring and summer on the last Friday of each month the town square comes alive with music, vendors and an Art Walk visiting downtown galleries, while sidewalk cafes provide food and drink to complement the festivities. Fall brings the annual Handmade Parade that rivals Macy’s, but with giant puppets created by the participants – some even on stilts- who take over Churton Street for the march and convene with observers to celebrate at the Burwell School, a local historic site. To brighten the winter months, the Arts Council presents Parlor Concerts, musical presentations that take place in some of the town’s historic homes.

The mission of the Hillsborough Arts Council is to enrich our community through the arts.

  • Engaging diverse audiences in arts events and educational programs
  • Fostering recognition and appreciation of the arts
  • Providing avenues to artists, arts organizations and audiences for connecting with one another
106 S. Churton Street, Suite 200
Hillsborough, NC 27278 
919 245-3116

Free Spirit Freedom, a cultural arts initiative born in September 2010, is developing to become a community resource relating the struggles, afflictions, triumphs and achievements in the quest for equality, civil rights, justice and freedom. Through photographs and storytelling, Free Spirit Freedom is building bridges of cross-cultural understanding among all generations, ethnicities and socio-economic strata…locally and globally.

Renee Price and Thomas Watson co-founded Free Spirit Freedom with support and guidance from local community members. All recognized the need to honor the legacy of African-Americans, American Indians and historically marginalized peoples in Orange County, celebrate our diverse heritages, and advance the cultures of all people. In so doing, we link the past to the present to the future, acknowledging our unique identities and comprehending life through multiple lenses.

Free Spirit Freedom welcomes the opportunity to join artists UNITED in June 2018, for an exposition on “The Walls We Build.” Our particular project will focus on the walls of segregated schools in a segregated society, and explore the painful process of tearing down the barriers between white and black, the 50th anniversary of school desegregation in Orange County Schools, and current perceptions or perspectives on integration, equity and equal opportunity for all.

  • Since January 2011, the date of our inaugural exhibition, Free Spirit Freedom has installed exhibitions in local venues, and hosted storytelling programs about the Black Church, segregated rural schools, and minority-owned farms and businesses in Orange County through the years. In June 2015, we commemorated the 150th Anniversary of Juneteenth, and in December, the 150th Anniversary of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. Free Spirit Freedom has coordinated events with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum of VA, and the Slave Dwelling Project of SC. In 2017, we compiled our first book of photographs, Freedom through Knowledge.
  • Thomas Watson is a lifelong resident of Orange County NC, attended segregated schools, and is now retired from a stellar career at UNC Hospitals. Renee Price has worked in nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies in NY, AL and NC, and now serves as a county commissioner. Free Spirit Freedom presently is organized under the Hillsborough Arts Council, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Skylight Gallery at the Hillsborough Artists Cooperative
102 West King Street
Hillsborough, NC 27278
“Established in 1992, the coop are currently eight artists who use a wide range of media and share a quest to expand the presence of art on the planet. We open our studios monthly sharing our latest work. Recently, we began creating Coop Special Events where we, in collaboration with guest artists, create interactive art experiences for the public.”

Earth Water & Fire Studio
127 King Charles Rd, Hillsborough, NC 27278
919 732-8324

Thomas Stevens Gallery
mobile   919 360-2249
twitter  @thomasstevens