Artist UNITED was co-founded to recognize the role of artists in examining the human condition. 

Co-founded by Donn Young, Tinka Jordy, and Katie Bowler Young, artist UNITED is producing a multi-county event for Triangle-area artists to express their ideas, create, and exhibit around a central organizing theme, “The Walls We Build.” The theme is being pursued by galleries, artists, and other participating organizations, presented during Art Walks and other events in June 2018 in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Hillsborough.

Our goal is to examine the kinds of walls that we build in our communities: social, economic, physical, political, and metaphorical. Our intent is to promote understanding in hope of dismantling the many walls that divide us from one another.

We will leave a legacy, an archived collection of art, as a reference for future generations to better understand our communities, organizations, and institutions. Our founders and participating artists are documentarians, dancers, clay artists, creative writers, actors, musicians, wood and glass artists, painters, anthropologists, historians, and journalists. We are dedicated to cultural expression, insight, and social consciousness.


Our strength as artists arises from our ability to question and debate issues, contradictions, and ironies that confront us.

Art offers people a connection to their past. Art offers people the ability to envision their future and a way to express their imagination. Art can help to change a person’s consciousness. Art encourages people to think, express, and be creative – the essence of education.

artist UNITED is committed to producing and promoting art that reflects the lives and concerns of North Carolina’s ethnically and economically diverse populations including women, the poor, youth, the elderly, and the LBGTQ community.

artist UNITED gives voice to many issues important to our generation: immigration, religion, the challenging fight for human rights and dignity, including rights for the physically and intellectually challenged and the inherent right for all to an education.

Artist UNITED is committed to education, communication, and collaboration. Art is a means, a language, that inspires leadership and participation. We want to create forums that offer opportunities for the betterment of our community through an audience-based participatory process. Underlying all of our activities is the belief that artists’ voices need to be heard because our many interests are varied and critical to the creation of a civil society.

Artist UNITED will promote art for peace and human rights.