The Walls We Build is an artistUNITED project started by Donn Young, Katie Bowler Young and Tinka Jordy.

Mission statement:
Art must reveal the human condition. Our strength as citizens and as artists arises from our ability to question and debate issues, contradictions and ironies that confront us. As journalists, anthropologists, historians, and artists, we are dedicated to a life of cultural expression, insight, and social consciousness. Art offers people a connection to their past. Art offers people the ability to envision their future and a way to express their imagination. Art can help to change a person’s consciousness. Art encourages people to think, express and be creative – the essence of education.
Please consider the many disciplines: fine art, music, theater, dance, spoken word, poetry, audio visual productions and sculpture. The mission of uniting artist, galleries, and business leaders of Triangle with emerging and established artist is successful. artist UNITED is proud to introduce a very socially conscious forum at the June 2018 art events: personal identity and LGBTQ support, voice to influence positive change for the creative community, Reclaiming the Muslim American Narrative, Women Mobilize NC, the DREAM Act and DACA, a celebration of Mexican Culture, ideas that explore encoding sound…visually and physically, Environmental Spiritualism – Honor the Earth, industrial carcinogenic contaminants, student and instructor visual artwork, the lines of intolerance that separate us, the positive and healing aspects of walls, the heritage of ancestral tribal homelands, Freedom and Building Bridges of Cross-Cultural Understanding, social and economic barriers, interpretations for emotional/mental/spiritual well-being…all issues well illustrated in next months artist UNITED The Walls We Build project. PLEASE help spread the word. See our posters attached and look for the next transmission containing venues and artist. All can be found on line and social media: artistunitednc